Frank Giese founded K R A F T R A U M design in 1996 during he studied Industrial Design…

It was the first project, the development of the graphical user-interface for the AUDI A8 which led to the founding the agency.
Many other clients of different branches, mainly publishing, medicine and furniture, followed up.
A project which was done during the studies, a scooter, was much asked for as advertising gift and brought many international companies as clients to the agency.

But it also changed K R A F T R A U M designs core to a full-service network-advertising agency.

In these days we offered export-import, logistics, and delivery together with concept-creation, design, prototyping and production to our clients.
We learned much in the is phase, but found that even if we could handle these tasks easily it’s far away from what we want to do.
After 10 years of experience in almost every aspect of business I decided to restart my business, focussing on creation, creativity, design and sharing my knowledge with people.

What inspires me


The unbeaten beauty in any place of nature.


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